How to get NBN signal to 2.4 Ghz for my smart plug?

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Hi , got NBN installed in my new house, no problem at all. 

Only issue is my smart plug request 2.4 Ghz, and seems it is not working with NBN 

Any idea how to transform the signal?

Have router also seems same problem can not connect with NBN 


Smart plug with NBN


Hi , ive got few smart plug -smart life , connected with my google home , since i ve got nbn installed at home , nothing is working , got message wi fi must be connected on 2,r gz ...any idea how I can fix it ? Thanks 

Re: Nbn signal to 2,4 gz


I think @Mkrtich would be able to help with this question? 🙂  

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Re: How to get NBN signal to 2.4 Ghz for my smart plug?


Not sure if I have understood the question correctly. If you need to connect the Smart Plug using 2.4 ghz Wi-Fi, go to router system admin settings and disable the two beamforing tick boxes in the 5 ghz Wireless page, then Save. You will then see the 2.4 ghz wifi and the 5 ghz wi-fi SSID - the 5 ghz one will be the same as then2.4 SSID but have a -5ghz suffix at the end. Connect your device to the respective Wi-Fi band.


Are you also having a problem connecting your router to the NBN?

Re: How to get NBN signal to 2.4 Ghz for my smart plug?


Hi Mich , thanks 

i m not good as you , please can you provided more detail , 

i ve went to modem , advanced seting , wireless I saw 2 wl set up , both with ssid finish with =5 , but didn t see

beamforing box you mentioned on description to tick , 

please can you provided more info


Re: How to get NBN signal to 2.4 Ghz for my smart plug?


Yes, originally I was puzzled by this as well, until I accidentally discovered the following.


I am hoping you have a Sagemcom F@ST 3864V3AC or similar - on that model it shows wl 0 as 5Ghz and wl1 as 2.4Ghz. The Advanced Pages for each of the radios are quiet long and don't fit on one screen, so you would not see the Beamforming tick boxes which reside on the bottom of the 5Ghz Radio page. They are greyed out on the equivalent 2.4 Ghz page and not selectable.


By using you sidebar control to page down, this provides more settings - go to bottom of the 5Ghz page. Once the two boxes are Disabled, make sure you select Apply/Save and then I would expect you to see both radio SSIDs in your devices for connection to the appropriate radio - e.g. OPTUS_BBXXXX for the 2.4 Ghz and same string of alpha characters with 5 Ghz suffix OPTUS_BBXXXX-5Ghz. Hope this works for you. 


I was intending to show you the modem screen shots , but unfortunately, the Copy/Paste; Control C/Control V wouldn't work for me on this site and my feeble attempts to shrink two photos of the screens to under 3000kb each for uploading to the forum also did not work for me; both in the web upload feature and in Send To my email function option. I understand from feedback received from a Moderator that Optus are working on revamping the forum screens and functions. 



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