How To Check Coverage In Your Area

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Want to check coverage or know when 4G is coming to your area? You can check your mobile coverage from our Mobile Network Coverage page.

Once you’re on this page the first thing to do is select your device, this allows us to give you the most accurate coverage information for the device you’re using.


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If you're bringing your own phone or tablet you can also enter your IMEI number.


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Next, enter your address or postcode in the search bar to see our coverage map. Areas in Purple already have 4G coverage. To check for future 4G coverage tick either the ‘3 Months’ or ‘6 Months’ check boxes, areas highlighted in Red show what’s planned to be rolled out within that period.


optus future 4g.png

To see what the predicted indoor and outdoor coverage is like, just click or tap the area you’re interested in.  This will bring up more information on the type of indoor and outdoor coverage for Voice & Text, Email and Internet.


optus indoor outsoor coverage.png


To learn how to search for the current network status in your area you can check it out here:
We've Updates Our Mobile Coverage & Network Status Page

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Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


This was great help thank you!

Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


Optus coverage in my area is rubbish and has been for the 8 years ive lived in Tapping.The wifi talk app is terrible.It drops out frequently and doesn't connect my calls.sms take for ever to send and mms is non existant.Trying to get an answer from Optus is like pulling teeth.Nothing ever happens.Is anyone else the same got the same comolaints maybe as a grouo we can get more help.or changes.seriously cosidering ditching Optus .Any suggestions on another carrier ?   

Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


Hi @tones854, I had a quick look at the coverage in Tapping however will need a specific address to confirm what could be causing the problem. If you could send me a PM with your mobile number and current address I'll be more than happy to have a look and see what is going on there. Thanks

Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area



I live in Lilly Pilly Way in Kiama NSW.  Mobile coverage from the Optus network is non existant.  Calls arent coming thru and neither are sms' sent through from financial institutions bearing a code which would allow me to access their websites.  Very frustrating and not acceptable in todays age.  When will reception for this area be fixed.?


Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


Hi @christonic, I had a quick look at the general coverage over in Lilly Pilly Way in Kiama however it is hard to pin point exactly what could be causing the issue. Could you PM me with your mobile number and address? Also did this problem start recently or has been since you lived there? Thanks

Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area

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Hello Geoff

Problem has existed since we moved here.  Address XXXXXXXXX and phone XXXXXXXX which is actually with Dodo using the Optus network.  I am an Optus client on NBN and phone service. 



Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


I have the same problems, I need you to please have a look in east brisbane area as soon as possible. In fisher st, east brisbane. The home phone is been out of service for almost a week and we don't know why? Please help!

Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


Hi guys, please ensure you're not posting personal info such as addresses and phone numbers, It's for your own security. 


@christonic, does appear to be a low coverage spot at the address you've mentioned. Can't see any upgrades planned for the next 6 months. Could be work after this period though, I'll pass some feedback onto the networks team


@tekemapa If you're having trouble with your landline, really best you give our Tech Support team a buzz on 131344 so we can get that logged and investigated

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Re: How To Check Coverage In Your Area


Comerong coverage.

Western NSW...Wilcannia, Menindee, Ivanhoe. Telstra ok, Optus no coverage.

Are these the unlucky 1.5%?

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