Home Wireless Broadband Speed drop and huge delay




I recently got bad experiences for Optus Home wireless broadband (200G)at home, speed only can get 2-3Mb and ping RTT time around 100ms.


tried troubleshooting with Support team few times, but could not help to improve, I can find 4G signal becomes very low inside the house.


Can any other Optus department help me identify or fix the issue?



Re: Home Wireless Broadband Speed drop and huge delay


This is most likely caused by your signal. You would need 2300MHz to get up to 12mbps, other frequencies have a maximum of 5mbps.

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Re: Home Wireless Broadband Speed drop and huge delay

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What toomy is talking about, is setting your home wireless broadband router to use the frequency that allows higher speeds.
There is (depending on your device) a way to actually access your router and change those settings, so I'm not really sure why this was not mentioned in toomy's response.

I'll see if I can help you with this.
What is the model of your router for this home wireless broadband?

Otherwise, you can simply call optus and ask to speak to tech support about setting your router to the frequency Toomy has mentioned.

P.s. I'm not an optus rep, I'm just a guy trying to help out, who used to run tech support business, so I have experience in these things.

Re: Home Wireless Broadband Speed drop and huge delay


Thanks Guys,


I. I just want to get my orginal speed 5.5M

2. The 5-5.5M download speed was stable around 7 mths, just recently staring to drop to around 2 M


As per discussion with Optus escalation team, they found out issue because closet Optus tower has big congestion Optus is planning to upgrade infrastructure.


I reailved issue before Optus escalation team called me via upgrading Optus Huawei Router's firmware. So the router will search other mobile tower rather than stick to closest one.


Hope this can help other people who has the same issue as me.



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