H+ Instead of 4g

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For the past 2-3 days, my phone(galaxy s9+, almost a year old) has showed H+ instead of 4g, and internet is slower than usual. I have restarted my phone numerous times, checked settings which haven't changed, I'm not sure what else to do. It happens quite a bit but this is the first time it hasn't gone back to 4g after restarting my phone. Can anyone tell me if this is a network issue or an issue with my phone? I'm a bit over it to be honest, I rely on my phone for data as we don't have home internet.

Re: H+ Instead of 4g


H+ is a notch down from 4G but it shouldn't be too much slower with that connection.

First step would be to check for any network issues by clicking the Outages tab on our Network Status page.

If there are no reported issues we'll need more detail on what troubleshooting you have tried.

Do others also in the same spot on the Optus network experience the same problem?

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