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New Contributor Countryboy2
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Growing network connection anomalies making no sense.

Growing weird network fault technical issue outages.


Currently, Thur 5 Sept, 12:31 AEST.


Circumstances: I am in a rural area, NSW.   Been on optus mobile and internet for several years in this locality.    I am within about 7 km in direct line of sight to the local optus tower.  Normally I have excellent mobile and internet signal. About as good as anyone can.  Tower upgraded recently to 4G.  (The tower also service highway traffic, otherwise there would be no tower here.)  I also still have a telstra landline.  I have kept it on for in case mobile network goes out being in a rural area and somewhat isolated.


In previous 3 months, my optus mobile at random began to claim I had no network phone signal.   Frequency of this was about every few days.  I have to restart the phone to regain full signal.   When done, worked every time.  Have since changed sim. Made no difference.   Have put in reports to optus, assured I would get call back, hear nothing. Done a few times. 


This issue while sporadic, was inconvenient and signfiicant. If I did not use my mobile for a few days, also meant I was not getting sms messages but did not know.  (Eg, medical or other appointement - sms to ask if you are attending your appointment  - if no reply they assume no and cancel it.  No beep, no sms received, no reply, they cancel!!)   This was new behaviour of the local reception and optus tower.   


On one period of a few days about 3 months ago, I would have full signal, try and make a call to a specific number (car mechanic), and as soon as I dial the number phone says, no network.  Stop making call, full network back. Try and make call again, no network.  It was clearly only when I tried to call this one phone number in the local town.  I could call other people, no problem.  This later stopped.   This is very odd fault behaviours.   Network software corruption issue?  


Yesterday a person in my local village, with also optus mobile phone, found they could call anyone, but not my optus mobile or my Telstra landline.  Just me they can not call.  He could still call anyone else, optus or telstra people, and they could call him.    So he had to physically drive up to me to talk to me.  That behavour continued for some hours.  Friends phone and network otherwise still working.  We could not make sense of it.   Why so specific to my number, or a local number of the same tower? 


At this time, I tried to test if the same was with me to him, but found now I could not call out as I had no mobile network access at all now.  Even if I restart phone, network connection did not come back.    What is odd is this problem behaviour seems phone or phone number specific, not "tower out" generalised. 


Next day, today, neither of our optus phones are working.  He and I can not make any calls, and restarting phone makes no difference.  We both have optus internet though.  Noone can call him, so they are now messageing him via internet.


I still have mobile internet via optus - so able to do this. 


I check net about 11 am today (an hour ago).  So it seems currently local rural optus tower is out for mobile phones, but internet, data still working.


Online I put in a 'technical issue report" for this locality and mobile tower. 


Then I try to phone optus general number as well. Phoning optus number brings a phone message:  “the telecommunications network you are calling is currently congested..”  Normally, optus (unlike telstra) has adequate staff for a fairly short wait to engage.  Hence, to get this kind of message suggests a widespread network issue.  Yet checking online, there does not appear to be a large area, state or nation wide network outage?  So how could this be so of optus contact number.


Checking site down sites on the internet, there appear no widespread outages, like an undersea volcanoe took out an undersea fibre connection or something like that.


From my understanding of typical technical issues, none of this is making much sense.  Just all does not quite add up.


If anyone has some good technical insight to give account of these growing and weird behaviours and technical issues, do please add your understanding of what may be going on here. Smiley Happy

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Growing network connection anomalies making no sense.

Might have missed it (lengthy post Smiley Happy) but it could be your phone. 


1) Try another phone at the time you have an issue.

2) Put your SIM in another phone and see if the issue persists.

3) Try shutdown and restart the phone and see if the issue persists


But as a first step I would get to an Optus store and they can swap the SIM over for a new one on the spot to rule that out.


Peter Gillespie

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