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Got to see my first bill a year later

I signed up to $80 a month unlimited NBN plan last year in August, almost a year later and I have finally seen my bill for the first time. 

After 3 months of waiting to get my first bill in the mail my internet was shut off, after a quick call and found out my account number and started paying my bill, 2 months later my internet was shut off again because I was paying my bill late, even though I've never actually received one.

I called and asked to fix the "my account" multiple times and failed.

I called and asked for my bill in email multiple times and never received one.

I called multiple times requesting a paper bill and never received one.

In April my internet was shut off again apparently my bill had increased to $83 and I wasn't notified so I wasn't paying the $3 extra a month, I was charged $110 on top of my monthly bill in late fees, when I complained I was told that it was my own fault for not fixing the my account despite all my phone calls.

In June a two day "maintenance" became a week of no internet, I was told I would have my account credited for this loss. I wasn't told how much so I still kept paying my $83 a month

And after this maintenance my NBN was slower then ever.

Last week I spent 2 hours in my Optus store asking for my bill, email or paper I just wanted to see it. My "my account" was reset for the hundredth time and I was told I would receive a phone call from an Optus member to help me set up my account. I didn't.

I sent in a complaint and received no response.

By some miracle my account started working and I was able to link in my NBN.

Today I finally got to see my bill and surly I should have some credit on there for my week long internet blackout, you'd think? Nope apparently I owed them $2.48. At least I avoided $110 late fee.


I couldn't possibly recommend not joining Optus anymore than I do. Please no matter how good it seems DO NOT CHOOSE OPTUS.

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