Early Termination Fee - Optus Are Joking


Our home has experienced so many issues with Optus.

Not to mention there lack of customer service or urgency.

The internet connection from September last year went down 20-30 times a day and they thought this was normal.

Not to mention, they kept charging us because we were using data.  

We were using data in the early hours of the morning because of these issues.  9:30pm, 10pm came constant outages.

We are paying for a expensive plan and network issues still occuring to this day.

Who got a notification in the mail that even though you are on a contract they are increasing call charges?

We were informed if we wish to exit the contract we can due to Optus not being able to overcome the constant issues.

When i spoke to the retention team, they noted that there would be a substantial early termination FEE.

Are they joking?

I am escalating this further.

I don't want to be with Optus, Their customer service and sense of urgency is a disgrace.


Re: Early Termination Fee - Optus Are Joking


If you are leaving Optus due to a poor performing network then it would be best to speak with the TIO as they should be able to assist you with exit fees and charges. Information on how to contact them can be found on the link below.

Re: Early Termination Fee - Optus Are Joking


Definitely not good to hear of these issues, so sorry for the stress caused. I can take a look into your account and escalate your complaint for a faster resolution if you shoot me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB. Someone from my team will pick it up and assist asap. 

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