Delay in porting my number from Telstra


I purchased 2 Iphone XS Max this Saturday on a lease plan and asked for my numbers to be moved from Telstra to Optus .


It is now Tuesday morning and I am still writing this question on my old Iphone with Telstra sim card still active .


I gave my right account number and the numbers in store so there should be no problems ( I assume if there was problem someone should have let me know )


why it is taking so long ?


Re: Delay in porting my number from Telstra


@Alireza, did you receive an SMS to your Telstra service advising that a port out request had been made for that mobile number? 


Optus Porting Hours & time frame:


  • Mon–Fri: 8am–8pm AEST
  • Saturdays: 10am–6pm AEST (except national public holidays)

If you're still waiting for the port to be finalised, I'd suggest jumping onto Chat 


- Select Consumer

- Select Mobile

- Select Track My Order


If you run into any issues, please shout out. 


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