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Occasional Contributor optusdoesntwork
Occasional Contributor

Deceitful NBN Optus provider

Optus and the NBN transition scheduled to customers is a waste of time.

customers working full time, waiting for a technician, no delay notification, the Communications Ombudsman is required to complete a full investigation.  Their current broadband services are substandard and they still continue to bill customers not acknowledging that sadly they do not have the capability to service all their customers.  Escalating ficticiously to NBN.

OPTUS YOU ARE OUR PROVIDER, we entered in to the agreeement with you.  Start becoming transparent with your members otherwise we will withdraw our services and locate other professional providers that wil support our requirements.

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Deceitful NBN Optus provider

Given the display name you chose, I'm guessing this is more just a slant at Optus than an actual discussion.


The problem we have with NBNCo, is they are the technicians who come out, Optus simply contacts NBNCo and they send through the time the technician will attend. However, NBNCo are notorious for 'no showing' and not saying a word. And because NBNCo don't tell Optus, Optus can't tell you.


Frustrating yes, but sadly, Optus is not the only ISP getting screwed around. They aren't being deceitful.


As you've chosen to escalate straight to the TIO instead of going directly to Optus. You'll now have to wait a couple of weeks for the TIO investigation into your allegations to complete itself.

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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Occasional Contributor optusdoesntwork
Occasional Contributor

Re: Deceitful NBN Optus provider

Thank you for your impartiality.

Optus is our provider.

they commission NBN to ensure delivery outcomes are positive why aren't they following up to ensure 'their customer' is satisfied.

This is the 3rd time we have waited around for Optus technicians to install NBN.


Only to find out now that the NBN technician was given the job after 1pm today after I made an official complaint.


I am escalating this to the highest authority.  This is unethical and there are contractural obligations that all Orgs have to meet not just OPTUS and NBN.


We have endeavoured to contact Optus and give them an opportunity to disclose why their service is substandard.


Received this SMS at 4pm.  This is the first level of contact that Optus or NBN have made.
Hi my name is I'm calling from NBN if you can give me a call on that'd be great. Thanks." 101 Voice2Text


optus is accountable stop passing the buck.  We purchase services through Optus not NBN.


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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Deceitful NBN Optus provider

You are correct that Optus is the one you are dealing with. If Optus is having issues with the NBNCo (which yes NBNCo does muck installations around many times) then that is up to Optus to resolve and not related to the service they are providing you. I think most people are aware stuff goes wrong but for me the sign of a good business is how they handle this.


First up is Optus following up the issue? Is there a call / SMS indicating there is an issue? Or even one asking has the NBN turned up? Optus seem to put in the NBN order and then leave it to the customer to get back to them when things go wrong. 

Second would be contactability. For a company the size of Optus it is frankly not good enough that large periods of the day are involve hours of wait time, be it phone or online. Even once in contact its usually a minimum of 30-45 minutes to get through identification processes and often involving several transfers and repeats. 

Then there's ownership with no contact point seeming to offer a consistent staff member to take over an issue. Staff try to be helpful but often seem to promise more than they can resolve just to end the call on a happy note. There are many examples of promises to call customers back later that just never occur.

And of course if something is going wrong then there should be an upfront commitment to how that should be addressed. Of course any plan fees should be waved in the duration. Alternatives provided. Credits applied. etc.


In a nut shell Optus really needs to lift there game when it comes to the NBN. And to be clear 80% of connections presumably go extremely well with no issue - what we're talking about here is what Optus does (or doesn't do) when things don't go right first time. The CEO himself promised a completely transparent end to end process over a year ago. The latest advertising claims to place new NBN customers on a 'premium' NBN sign up experience. Optus clearly understands what's needed here but IMO they've yet to deliver it.


Peter Gillespie 

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