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Hey there! 


Just recently gotten onto the $65 month plan that gives 60GB of data. I am still 11 days from rollover and it's telling me I've used 91% of my data ALREADY. I'm almost certain this is incorrect and really want someone to possibly look it over and correct this situation. 


If it turns out to be incorrect, what can be done to rewrite said issue, because I almost had a heart attack when I opened myoptus app! 


I stream stuff sure... But to already be 91% used in my data just doesn't add up to me. 

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What sort of phone is this and have you looked under settings / data usage as some phones display your usage under that.

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It's a Samsung Galaxy S8+ 

I'm under a $65 per month plan also. 


I did check the settings, data usage, location and other methods I searched on Google. Thanks for the idea however. As I checked once again just to be sure. 


It still seems as if nothing is adding up. That may be my mind tho?


Just left a chat with optus after being told "That's unfortunate to hear" and being offered to add 1,2 or 6 more GB for $10,$20 or $30. Which is not what I asked, nor does it aid my situation much. 


I admit my streaming of anime and general Facebook video surfing is daily. But not THAT amount I've been looking at when in myoptus app.

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The data usage program is precise and will tell you what is using your data. If you set this with your billing cycle you can't go wrong. I can appreciate that it may seem like it's not possible to use those large amounts of data but until you can see the data usage for yourself its a bit hard to prove or disprove.







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Just curious have you got your roaming turned on? I noticed with my first bill I'd used half my data (50GB) in just 7 days but when I turned roaming off my data didn't seem to disappear as fast... That being said Optus should have told you this as its a mistake most people make when they get a new phone to forgot (or not know) to turn roaming off. You only need roaming when out of country but in Australia you won't "go out of your providers coverage" so you don't need it on...

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