Re: Data Overuse - Where Are My Usage Alerts???


It would be good if any of their usage system worked.


When I contacted chat, they didn't even know there was a manual setup. You should check what yours is set to, even if you don't touch the data part.

Re: Data Overuse - Where Are My Usage Alerts???

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I have been corresponding back and forth with one of the moderators (wont mention them by name, as its against the rules here), and they have repeatedly ignored the substance of my complaint, and instead focused on ways they could point blame at me.
Their idea of looking at this issue was:

1. requesting that I take screenshots of my usage for last bill, to show that I indeed went over my usage. (ofcourse I did. This is not being disputed).

2. telling me (again) if I use data in a short amount of time, the system would not have updated before I exceeded the limit, and there may be delays of up to 48 hours in these updates.
3. When I discovered that there were actually gaps between using 50% and 100% exceeding 48 hours, and pointed this out, the moderator (rep) began to ignore the subject all together, and refused to answer weather or not they would re-credit the extra charges. Instead focusing on other things which are irrelivant to my original complaint and why I'm seeking a re-credit.

What the heck has happened to your customer service Optus? I used to praise your quick responses, and quick to the point resolutions and proper engagement with the customer's concerns.
Now I feel like you just want to ignore my concerns, and make customers give up by making correspondance as frustratingly useless and degrading to the customer as possible.
I wonder how many people here just tick the "solved" button because they simply gave up dealing with useless Optus representatives...

Because of this teeth grittingly frustrating experience trying to even get the rep to talk about the substance of the complaint, and getting nowhere after a week of correspondance I am taking this to the ombudsman.

I'm over it Optus, you can deal with them now.

Re: Data Overuse - Where Are My Usage Alerts???


Sounds like a good plan.

Re: Data Overuse - Where Are My Usage Alerts???


So finally, after going through the TIO, as expected, I was contacted, and they refunded $40 within a matter of 2 minutes.

If I had kept trying through normal customer service, I would still be grinding away at this, but putting it through the TIO gets the complaint to the right people.


A big thank you to Julie Bone
Customer Relations Executive | Customer Relations Group


Re: Data Overuse - Where Are My Usage Alerts???


Yeah. Thanks for getting back.

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