Crap customer service.


No idea how to get a hold of any real people despite trying in excess of 10 times to make online contact via live chat and be cut off half way through or left waiting without a consultant on a loop. Recently moved house, nbn techs said it was all good to go two days ago, I still don’t have internet and reading other peoples experiences I will not be waiting another two weeks while Optus gets its act together like some people have had to. The dsl light is flickering and I receiving nothing. Even tried calling through multiple times and there’s no options that lead time to help, I always get diverted to financial services, and seeing as I’ve paid my bill in full earlier today I do not have any reason to believe it is finance/billing related. I would like a prompt reply, Ive had so much difficulty in the past with Optus and would honestly like no association with the company if they manage to make a fiasco out of this too for me. I will be making a telecommunication ombudsman complaint, like I did last time I was left in the dark from Optus, if this isn’t solved with 48 hours. Not happy not good enough I want an Optus customer service member! 

Re: Crap customer service.


Yeah that's quite the runaround you've received just to get this looked into and investigated. Can you send through a private message with the full name, account number and DOB attached to the service so we can follow up and take a look at the connection from our end?

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Re: Crap customer service.


If you only paid your bill a few hours ago its quite probable any related issues are still being sorted in the system. I assume you raise it because there was some underlying financial issue that needed sorting? Optus should be able to confirm easily enough if you've had services restricted due to non payments and it can take a little while for services to be restored in this situation.


You're free to make a TIO complaint, however the TIO will first ask have you made an official complaint to Optus which it appears is yet to have happened? The TIO will follow that complaint up if Optus don't handle it well.


If the issue with your internet is NBN related then hopefully it should just be a matter of Optus getting intouch with NBNCo to finish the activation. See what @Tano can do.




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