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Just a quick one. I have just moved to a new town and I am not getting any service. When I signed up for my contract I asked the ladies in Optus if I would get service in the area that I was relocating to and they told me that it has great service. I have been in my new residence for almost 3 weeks now and I have dead spots everywhere and phone calls dropping out. I have rang Optus on several occasions and asked them what the go is? One time the Optus worker told me that there is poor coverage in my area and that there is nothing they can do about it. Another time the Optus worker told me there was great coverage in my area and pretty much accused me of lying and said that they will deal with it. No time frame has been given to me but I am still expected to pay my $150 phone will each month. Is there anything I can do about this?? 

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We'll perform an investigation to determine the root cause of the issue.

  • We'll confirm if the device is in good working order
  • We'll confirm the sort of coverage we'd expect you to have i.e. are you in a poor/marginal coverage zone, the distance you are from the tower, the Network frequencies emitted from said tower, are you in direct line of sight to the tower (is there anything that could be obstructing the signal), 
  • We can also confirm whether or not there's cell congestion.

If there's an identifiable issue then we'll release you from contract. If there's a device attached to your plan, we'll ask that you either return the device or pay out the remaining equipment charge. 


You're welcome to send us a PM with your account details. We need your full name, DOB and mobile number.

Look forward to hearing back! 


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Re: Coverage


I have had the same problem for years and get the same response as you. Keep hammering them with complaints and demand a reduction in your charges. They do not like this but will eventually fold and offer you a 50% discount.Do this every month 

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