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Does anyone know what the coverage is like at Eurong on Fraser Island. I will be staying at the Eurong Beach Resort. The Coverage tool says 3G Outdoor = Good (2 out of 3). I would need to be able to make calls and get a data connection of about 2mbps to be able to use the web based applications I will be required to use if needed for work purposes. If anyone that has recent experience can advise me what coverage to expect it would be appreciated. I am taking a Telstra preapid sim as a backup just in case. Thanks

Re: Coverage on Fraser Island - Eurong

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Hmm it does look a bit patchy and it’s all 3G by the looks of it. Short of somebody jumping on the forum that has actually been to the island then I would certainly be taking your Telstra sim as backup. Incidentally the Telstra coverage map suggest an external antenna for that area so I don’t know how good the coverage is with them either. Smiley Happy



Re: Coverage on Fraser Island - Eurong


Hey @DJ1975 can confirm we don't actually have a tower on the Island - the nearest one is located in Hervey Bay, so you may not have the required coverage in the area. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Re: Coverage on Fraser Island - Eurong


I just spent a week on Fraser Island and use Optus as my carrier on my Galaxy Note 4.

The only coverage was on the beach at Kingfisher Bay and at the Sand Bar. There was limited intermittent coverage in the accomodation areas.

There was no coverage the further inland you went and no coverage at Eurong Beach or further up the east coast towards Indian Head.


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