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I have recently noticed a drop in service of late in Corindi Beach NSW 2456 (more so than usual) to the point at a number of times I have been unable to make calls or send texts. 


I did speak with the team over the chat and we ran through some tests that didnt improve anything. I have noticed that a number of people have been complaining about the Optus coverage in our area. 


Today our local paper advises that there would be outages this week for work to be carried out to improve service in our area and that customers were notified. I received no notification. I would like to know if there are any plans to improve coverage in my area as its been very poor of late. 


Re: Coverage in Corindi Beach


Hi there,

Did the Live Chat team specifically check the coverage at your address? We do see there are no reported issues in the area at the moment.

We can see upgrade work was completed on the network tower as recently as October, we can't see information on any planned outages there this week (not saying the reporting by the local paper was necessarily wrong but curious where they got this from). 

Not sure if that spot is a holiday destination, it didn't come up on the list of congested sites.

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Re: Coverage in Corindi Beach


They did do a coverage check and said my address was poor. 


It is a holiday location due to the proximity to Coffs Harbour and the beach. 


There have ave been a number of times that calls have dropped out and messages not going through outside of the house. I have even been receiving ‘SOS’ only at times and have never had this before. I know a number of people have been complaining about coverage in the area, particularly of late. 



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