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I have a 4G CPE E5186 Modem, I have an external LTE aerial on the roof and the tower is less than 1K away.

Issue is data stops flowing for no apparent reason. All will be working fine then all of a sudden, Nothing.

Yes, I can still access modem via wifi, It shows connected and 3 out of 5 bars on the graph,

When it plays up I can no longer surf the net. All looks like it should be working, no red lights, 3 bars of signal still.

All of a sudden for no reason when it stopped upto 3 min later it starts again.

It does not matter if I connect via wifi or ethernet, same issue.

When it plays up, I can still access the modem and it still says connected, blue light on front for connected and 3 bars still.

Yes, I had defaulted the modem, I have even put in a second modem with same results.

Restarting the modem is not the answer as I dont want to be resetting it every 20 to 40 minutes when I can just wait 3min and start using it again. Problem is, Netflix is no fun when you are in the middle of a movie then stop. Playing online game and it stops and game over, you loose. Or just checking email and nothing.

While typing this it even dropped out and I was the only user at the time.

It has been having this issue since it was first setup a year ago, but it has been getting worse of late and just need a solution.

Please dont ask me to default it again as I have already done that several times, trust me, it wont fix it.

And yes, it has the latest firmware.


Hopefully somebody will carefully read what I have typed and respond with a thoughful answer.


Re: Constant Dropouts 4G

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Try a different browser when the dropout occurs (this seems a long shot)


Can you do a tracert or ping to anywhere beyond your modem? IE is data still getting to Optus? 


Do a speed test site both upload and download are disabled? (If you can run one). 


I assume your 4g mobile Optus phone is still working during this outage?


Can you discern a pattern to the stops (i.e every 45 minutes?)


What I would suggest is running the following test. Set up something to be downloading constantly (eg Netflix). Then either manually or using a power timer turn the modem off and on exactly every 30 minutes. 


If this stops the unscheduled outages then the issue is likely something with you modem and/or its synchronisation settings -probably get it replaced.


If you still get unscheduled dropouts  between each 30 minutes that suggests the issue is with the 4g tower and Optus should be investigating it.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Constant Dropouts 4G


Thanks Peter for your response


No computer or device can get external of the modem while it is doing whatever i does when it drops.

you cant ping, cant speed test, a different browser wont fix this.

you can log into modem and do a ping direct from modem and it fails there as well so tracert will fail for sure.


Also, what I have forgotten to mention is that I have also locked it to 4G only and selected manual for network search to try stop it from dropping out with no improvement.


I doubt it is modem as that would mean 3 modems now, all have the same problem.

My next step, I am going to purchase a yagi aerial just in case it is switching towers and the 'other tower' is where the dropout is comming from. I am thinking that the signal from the 'other tower' is not as good a quality of signal as the system thinks it is.


As for power cycling, I know what you are thinking here but I dont think this will prove anything as the dropouts are a bit random, Power cycle, 5 min later dropout, maybe another 40 min before the next, then 20 min later another. I have gone upto about 2 hours with no dropouts, but this is very rare. On average about 40min as a fair guess.


Have asked optus about this, their response, we will look into it. That was 4 months or more ago. Nothing has changed.


I will force 3G mode only, the speed on 4G is usually about 45Mbps/40Mbps, 3G will be heaps slower but I am looking at stability right now, until I get my new aerial.

Re: Constant Dropouts 4G


Hi Peter, forgot to mention one thing


My mobile phone, when wifi turned off access data direct from tower ok, wifi back on then nothing until modem data starts flowing again.



Re: Constant Dropouts 4G


Hey there, I have the exact same issue... did you find any solution?

Re: Constant Dropouts 4G


I had the same problem.  I solved it by changing to a different service provider.  Not a single dropout since leaving Optus.


Optus oversell on the services they cam actually provide assuming that there will only be a limited number of people on at any given time, so when there are too many people online they cycle and reset connections to switch you to different 4g towers because well, greed.

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