Constant Call drops in Minto


Hi All,

  I am having constant call drops and inability to call out or get calls frequently in Minto (Near Minto Rd and Cumberland Rd) .


Calls go fine for a while then suddenly turn to a garbled mess and drop instantly.  


Only happens when I am in Minto, never anywhere else, so it eliminates phone...  

Happens even when wifi and Bluetooth are off.


Customer "kind-of" service girl Monica asked me if anyone else is having the issue in Minto.  Short of doing a door knock of the neighbourhood  to see who is on Optus, I have no ide how to know, silly question.   That's the joy of people following flow charts I guess..

So, here is a good place to ask, perhaps some other otpus user in Minto is affected?




Re: Constant Call drops in Minto


What does one have to do to get Optus to fix the network?



Re: Constant Call drops in Minto


A few days from recontracting and looking elsewhere now..

Re: Constant Call drops in Minto


Really sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having with your service @Malster69 - have you checked here to rule out any known network impacts that be affecting the service?

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Re: Constant Call drops in Minto



I have jumped through all the hoops..


No-one seems to give a rats a..e.  


I used to work for mobile networks and in the comms industry since 1981.  I know it is not coverage, location etc.  I have a recording of the dropouts, and the scrambling that occcurs.


I have spent so many hours trying to get past the help desk staff  to someone who knows what they are doing to no avail.  The help dest staff just follow the "fault" flow-chart and assume it coverage, even though the same issue happens again and again  when only 200m line of sight of the base station, and refuse to do anything else about it. 


Can someone technical, from sydney, give me a call, message..  Otherwise I am going to have to go to the ombudsman as I can't keep calling evey call I get back or make outgoing calls 2 or 3 times.  Its just bogging my productivity.


I'll also be seeking compensation.





Re: Constant Call drops in Minto




As expected, no followup, no further info.



Thanks Optus !




Re: Constant Call drops in Minto


You wouldn't happen to have an iPhone7 would you? I have been experiencing this problem on and off since I got the phone. My best friend lives in Minto, so I completely understand what you're talking about with the calls, but this issue happen to me at home too. (I live in Oakdale, out past Camden.)

Do you also find that your phone tells you that you have 4G reception yet none of you internet apps work?

Re: Constant Call drops in Minto


 No, none of mine iPhones, now 4 phones do exactly same fault.  


But Optus doesn't give a rats arse, so I have churned...  


Next is the 50+ mobiles for companies I manage the comms for...  Should be fun !



Re: Constant Call drops in Minto

[ Edited ]

 Since I had to resort to recording all calls for the ombusman, for anyone that is interested, and if Optus ever investigates...  Here is the issue as audio files...


It seems to be a loss of sync on one of the channels












Re: Constant Call drops in Minto




Good to see that there has been no reply or feedback from Optus.


Mysteriously  the issue went away after a visit from Optus to the site.   Thanks for the months of inaction Optus!


Needless to say, since transferring all the other mobiles away also we have had trouble free operation.


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