Configure Cable to Route through OpenDNS




I want to change my DNS setting on a Sagemcom F@st 3864 to route through OpenDNS. I just called Optus tech support and a quite rude and abprut man named Abdul said I cant but couldn't give me any reason why. I merely want to stop my two lovely daugthers stumbling on porn. Is someone able to assist me? 

Thanks in advance!



Re: Configure Cable to Route through OpenDNS


Optus does not support custom configurations for external providers they do not manage. You can set the OpenDNS settings on each of your devices if you so desire, you SHOULD be able to set custom DNS entries in the DHCP scope inside the Sagem.


Remember, if you start having 'speed problems' or 'browsing problems' whilst preventing access to porn, Optus will not provide any support until you use their configuration and DNS servers.

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