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Occasional Contributor RadDan1982
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Checking Optus 5G coverage

Hi I just wanted to know how do I check for the 5g mobile coverage in my. I've recently upgraded my phone to the Samsung galaxy s10 5g. I'm wanted to see if I can use the 5g network if it's available in my area 

Daniel Misura
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Honoured Contributor

Re: Checking Optus 5G Coverage

Optus publish 5G coverage (for mobile phones) here

Note the areas coverered are still very small and even in those areas the 'coverage' is likely to be 50-50 chance of 5G. You will also have to be outside as 5G doesn't often work through walls. 

Peter Gillespie

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Check Optus 5G Coverage

There's a really nifty feature in the Optus @Home app. It’ll show you the approximate distance and signal strength of your closest 5G tower. Your handset will actually vibrate when you're within line of sight to the tower. 

It's intended for use with Optus Broadband products i.e. Optus 5G Home Broadband, but there's feature that's useful for customers considering a 5G service.

Find your closest Optus 5G mobile tower


  1. Download the My Optus@Home app
  2. Skip any of the modem setup prompts
  3. Tap the chat bubble icon 
  4. Tap, "modem installation"
  5. Tap, "5G and NBN quick start guides"
  6. Tap, "Optus 5G"
  7. Tap, "Get Started"
  8. Enter your address


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