Cell tower shows "Homebush Bay" near Sylvania/Blakehurst (Sydney Southern Suburbs)


There appears to be a cell tower around Sylvania or Blakehurst which is named 'Homebush Bay' as on our account I have calls made from Sylvania and two minutes later calls made from Homebush Bay which is impossible even by helicopter. Anyone seen this or knows which cell tower is mislabelled,  who to report to? Thanks

Re: Cell tower shows "Homebush Bay" near Sylvania/Blakehurst (Sydney Southern Suburbs)


Truthfully, this really is a non-starter and getting it explained to technical support will be met with "errrrr what?".


What sometimes happens is, a tower is "misconfigured" and has its power level turned up too high. For example, I remember seeing customers in Geelong (South West Melbourne) picking up service from a tower at Moorabbin (South East Melbourne) separated by Port Phillip Bay. So on your bill it comes up the way you are seeing it.


Realistically, this has no effect to your billing, charges or how your service operates.  I've had a look at the outage map which shows where the towers are, there are a number between Sylvania and Homebush, so I would say it's likely a mislabelled cell site. Perhaps, @Ray_YC could do something, but it could be a tough sell to network engineering.

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Re: Cell tower shows "Homebush Bay" near Sylvania/Blakehurst (Sydney Southern Suburbs)


Great response, JP!

I'll give it a shot but yeah, not sure how it will go.

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