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Cell Tower Info

I have an iPhone and have fluctuations in reception at home in suburban Sydney from between 1-3 bars and 3G and 4G. This leads to a lot of voice call drop-outs, which when working from home is quite frustrating. My contract is up for renewal and am considering if I should stay or go.


I have looked at Oz Towers and have identified my local towers as 2207002, 2207004 & 2217005. Is there anyway that I can get the cell tower ID from my iPhone to confirm which tower(s) that I am typically connecting to? I have set up the iPhone in field test mode but nothing sticks out.


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Re: Cell Tower Info

OzTowers is no longer maintained/current on the information that is up on that website. 


Have you been reporting these faults to Optus when they occur so they can inspect your service coverage?


What device?


When the voice calls drop out? Are you enabling VoLTE (Assuming you have a compatible device)?

If you are on VoLTE, turn off Voice over 4G and see if the "drop outs" stop.

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