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New Contributor Samdave
New Contributor

Cancellation of Optus Service

Hi Guys,

I am new to Optus and just joined two months ago.

I am on a $100/month plan plus mobile phone installment. I need to cancel my plan as the network coverage is very bad at work no one can reach to me.

How muh it will cost me if I have to cancel my plan as still there are 22 months to go.




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Honoured Contributor

Re: Cancellation of Optus Service

Well the $100 is a subsidised amount. If you leave then the monthly charge goes up. You should be able to see the current monthly credit ($20?)  that is applied on your bill. There's no exit fees though. So min exit cost is $2200. But possibly more like $2500.


If the issue is at work you could consider call over wifi to boost your reception.




Peter Gillespie

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Cancellation of Optus Service

Hey Sam, if you are having network issues, definitely give our Technical Support team a call on 131344 (open 27/4) to run through some troubleshooting and discuss your options.


Our current contracts don't have cancellation fees, you just have to pay any remaining handset repayments in full. If you purchased one of the latest smart phones, they cost around $1200, so with 22 repayments remaining you can expect to pay around $1100 to buy out the phone. Your handset repayment and credit should show on page 2/3 of your bill.

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