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Can't unlock network


I've been attempting to unlock my phone and it's driving me nuts. According to Optus iemi check it's not locked, when entering a new SIM it is locked, my account doesn't seem to exist anymore but I can't register again. The support is impossible to access since I get stuck at a registration stage that I can't get around. With that I can't access any live chats and since I'm in another country I can't call. How on earth am I supposed to get this sorted?
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Re: Can't unlock network

Sorry to hear you're having some issues unlocking your device, @Screwthiscorp.

Can you please try the steps on this page → to see if you have any success with unlocking your handset?

If you're still unable to complete the unlocking process after following the steps on that page above, please send a private message to the official Optus Facebook or Twitter page where we'll be able to obtain your details securely and follow this up with our IMEI back office team.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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