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I have an iPhone 8 that is about 14 months old.  In the past 6 months I have had major problems with calls dropping out all the time.  Mid chat and I get 3 beeps and the call is gone.  No notification, no call failed warning.  Just drops out.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  CALL.  I have been on the phone to Optus twice plus once on live chat, reset network settings, updated carrier settings, turned wifi on/off, checked coverage in my area - nothing works.
Any help please before I throw this phone out onto the road and under a bus?  It's driving my family and friends utterly insane because I can't talk to them at all without the call dropping out.

Re: Calls Dropping Out


Have you tried replacing the SIM?

No > Please do this and see if it continues

Yes > Try next step


Have you tried a different phone?

No > Please try a different handset. If this fixes the fault, then your phone is faulty and needs to be repaired/replaced through the Optus store process

Yes > What phone? As you failed to mention this?



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