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New Contributor Null_Terra
New Contributor

Broken Hill - Network Issues

Hi, same problem in Broken Hill as was in May of this year. (will do a cut
and paste) Man Wink . Once again I'm unable to "log a fault" relating to the
services in my area, as I receive a "The service number you’ve entered
doesn’t match what we have in our system." message, when entering either
my phone number or mobile broadband unit number on the log fault page.
I've tried to use the online chat system, however.... because the data
connection on both devices is so unstable, I keep losing the conversation.
As well as reporting fault via mobile phone, disconnects during call.

Fault is same as in May...Mobile Data, constant dropouts. Phone and Mobile
broadband unit cycle through...HSPA+, DC-H+,3G and 4G. Voice and text
service constant dropouts.. I Have phone and Mobile broadband services
with Optus, both devices have constant disconnections. When Internet "is"
connected, data speed averages around 700K/s.

Fault started around 5pm this afternoon and is ongoing.


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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Broken Hill - Network Issues

Sorry to hear of the issues. I can't see any reported outages or maintenance on my end. Has this improved since posting?


If the issues persist, the only option would be able to raise it with 24/7 Tech Support on 131344.

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New Contributor Null_Terra
New Contributor

Re: Broken Hill - Network Issues

Thanks for replying. Network status page reveals "essential maintenance work", to be carried out on tower closest to me, this Monday. Hoping it fixes issues. Cheers.

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