Bills up to date and no restoration for 3 days


Sorry but I'm running out of patience Optus. Over the last 3 days I have notified you of my receipt number of payment and you still haven't done anything about it to restore my services and this was Thursday 8:30 am. I am frustrated because I have an elderly mum who I keep in touch with and if there is an emergency she won't be able to get through to me because of your lack of assistance. This is now not my problem nor my device is a problem. It is your problem. You have not in anyway updated my billings app to say that I have paid the amount and that is two days ago. And my next bill is not due until the 28/2/2017 which after this I believe should be waived. I am also due to upgrade my plan and phone and I cannot do it until YOU OPTUS update my payments. I have given you my receipt number 3 or 4 times. I have given it to you enough times for you to have it automatically stored in my account file. If you don't have it then you have a pretty bad way of storing information in your system. On top of that yesterday I had to walk home in an electrical thunderstorm because I could t call my husband to pick me up from the station. I have been a customer with you for OVER 10 years and this treatment is not on. If you don't fix this then I will be going to another provider. There are no mobile tower outages, there is nothing wrong with my device - you need to fix this. Sorry But I think 3 days is long enough and I'm sorry that I had to go as far as leaving a complaint in a public forum. 

Re: Bills up to date and no restoration for 3 days


Hey BrionyH, I can appreciate your concerns with this. Let me check this out for you, could you please PM me through your full name, d/o/b and mobile number? 

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