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Has anyone else found that you contact the staff members and ask them to for instance I had my daughters phone suspended for a real purpose of hacking to get it fixed and then you speak to an XXXXXXX in their centre who tells you that the bill will be put on a hold and it will be a $5 charge and the contract extended but then none of that happens and they just bill you a full bill then you use their chat service and they say they will fix it and then send an email only with the bills still wrong and then youre not allowed to speak to someone who can actually fix the bill or they purposely just leave it at random non-specific no-reply email to your account of this is what we will do but then your forced to have to try and communicate with them again cause they didnt fix it the first time. So they basically lie on the phone the first time taking up hours of yes we will suspend it; dont do that and then send a full bill and then you ring up and they say we'll reimburse some random amount of money but not taking responsibility for the fact they lied to you then sent lots of texts threatening to restrict your service whilst they send you all these fake bills for extra amount and does anyone else find you pay the bill and it should be in their system but unless you give them every date and receipt number that they then try and basically scam the money by never investigating themselves as to what payments they have received. I asked for years just for a statement of account and I find anytime I dont specifically write it down somewhere then thats the bill the optus people try and argue with you over never providing the statement of account on a proper optus document just random emails from what could otherwise be any old person with an optus account?? This has happened for years to me.

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Re: Billing

Hi @Lmnv_1 - I've replied to your other thread, feel free to send us a message via Facebook or Twitter and we can assist with this enquiry as well - Steven

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