Better 4G connection on an Optus branded phone?




Is someone able to explain why Optus phones are listed to have better 4G coverage? 


For example, I've put in my phone (Samsung Note 8) for my address. It's listed as marginal 4G service (which is what I'm experiencing). 

However, when you change the device to an Optus Note 8, it's listed as great 4G service. 


Just wondering why an Optus phone would get better coverage and if its worth getting a phone on a Optus plan instead. 

Re: Better 4G connection on an Optus branded phone?


I've always wondered why Optus breaks mobile coveage into phone models. Its not like they actually take these phones everywhere and confirm the reception. Individual phones within the same model always have different reception anyway.


I can only assume the coverage maps are based on live spot readings coupled with mathematical algorythms and perhaps some topology taken into account. They may even get feed back from users with the Optus App installed as the phones move around. That would be how I would do it but then again I'd possibly be surprised with just how simplistically the coverage maps are really calculated.


Anyway, again presumably Optus test new models for reception strength in their labs and based on a few readings they give each phone a score out of 10 for reception and then use that to inform the coverage map by model. (Or they could just want to sell more Optus phones).


I'd put more weight on independant testing of reception of phones if you want to try get a model that does better than your current one. Alternatively see if you can't get a loan phone from an Optus store for an evening to test out the reception?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Better 4G connection on an Optus branded phone?


Having the multiple phone/device list was applicable when nunerous devices had different bands.

E. G. Did not bave band 28 for 700mhz or did not have band 40 for 2300Mhz etc. 

This still happens with phones from other countries being used in Australia - if their device does not have band 28 700Mhz then their 4g coverage is greatly reduced.


This will happen again with 5g too.


I checked coverage map for my Optus branded Note 8 and also via imei check and coverage was the same on the map so not sure why yours was different. 

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Re: Better 4G connection on an Optus branded phone?


Agree that its probably not reliable.


Will have a look into getting a loaner phone. Guess my area is in a black spot then - time to look for alternatives!


Re: Better 4G connection on an Optus branded phone?

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Before you sign up for any mobile phone plan, you should have a good understanding about the strengths and weaknesses of a provider's coverage in your area. At a minimum, you should check coverage for where you live and work MyPrepaidCenter

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