Bad Optus reception in Brisbane high rise


Hi. I work on level 31 of a new high rise building in Brisbane. I’m frustrated every day with the bad internet and phone reception. 


Would the way the building has been constructed have something to do with the bad reception? Or I’d the building too high?

Re: Bad Optus reception in Brisbane high rise


Numerous factors, 31 floors up is pretty high. 

Towers generally broadcast out with a slight angle down as this is where most people are.


I know when my work building thats only 11 stories high was being built in Fortitude Valley we had minimal coverage inside so the building owners worked with the telcos to put in in building coverage.

We have perfect coverage inside due to having this system put in. 


You also get other factors like glazing on the windows that will cause issues and a huge amount of structural steal is also an issue. 


If your device supports wifi calling and you have access to wifi this would be another option. 

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