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New Contributor ShooterMcGavin
New Contributor

Bad Mobile Internet Reception on Brisbane Trains (Northside)

I got a question on what is being done to fix the Optus Mobile network on the Northside train network?


Websites and streaming work fine from Kippa Ring to about Bald Hills then its terrible all the way into the city, specially at Eagle Junction, Northgate and Bowen Hills to the City no bars at all.  I'm not the only one as I've seen other Optus customers twidling their thumbs too.


I bought a Telstra pre-paid sim to test in the same phone and I had one minimal dropout between Bald Hills and Zillmere while streaming a movie through Netflix.


If nothing is being done and no ETA then I think I've only got one choice.

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Bad Mobile Internet Reception on Brisbane Trains (Northside)

You need to understand, fixing a black spot isn't a light switch moment. And as it only affects a very small area and the majority of your usage is unaffected its unlikely they'll suddenly wipe a contract, especially if you aren't logging faults through the correct channels (Live Chat, Phone to 131344).


I would start logging faults with what you have discovered and the testing you have done so far.


You need to remember, you're in a metal tube, powered by 1200v overhead cabling and also has a high saturation of devices. So there is no quick fix.

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Online Community Manager

Re: Bad Mobile Internet Reception on Brisbane Trains (Northside)

I have not heard of anything significant in the near future. Optus is currently working with Sydney Trains so that may be the next area of focus.


There was an announcement a few weeks ago that Victoria's rail network was just improved with the train fleet fitted with mobile signal boosters, improvements a result of an $18 million project where the Victorian Government worked closely with Optus, Telstra and Vodafone. The project also saw the construction of 35 new mobile towers that will combine with the boosters to increase mobile coverage for passengers.

Here is some insight on this (obviously not relevant for Brisbane but provides some info on what's involved):

Vin Mullins, Manager of Mobile Access Planning in the Access Network Planning and Quality (ANPQ) team, said, "This project is a first because of the collaboration that took place between the telecommunications industry and government.

"When the raised the request for tender, Optus instigated the industry Victorian Government collaboration which involved gaining a lot of necessary regulatory and legal approvals."

As an industry, Optus, Telstra and VHA agreed to collaborate with the Victorian Government to achieve the best outcome for commuters. This saw the Government take responsibility for installing mobile repeaters on the trains, while the three carriers took responsibility for co-constructing the towers.

"The outcome of this agreement has resulted in a win for commuters on these five lines who now have improved mobile coverage reception along the rail corridor, as well as stronger signals inside the carriages thanks to the mobile repeater technology installed," said Vin. "It's also helped us build stronger relationships with our competitors where we need to collaborate on important infrastructure projects such as this."

The project involved in-building communication (IBC) system technical specialists from ANPQ, such as Terence Law, who worked closely with the repeater vendor and Telstra on the solution design for the rolling stock.

"Our team worked collaboratively with state and local governments in Victoria on solutions for some of the more challenging sites where acquisition and community issues were raised," said Vin.

"Indeed, the project has had a lot of challenges from power connections, to access and gaining local government approvals. However, the co-operation between all parties involved has shown us all that great things can be achieved when we come together as an industry to provide regional Australians with improved mobile coverage," said Lambo.

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