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New Contributor ceemafour
New Contributor

Bad 4G speeds lately

I’ve been getting very very slow speed irrespective of location. 

Changed the sim as per live char suggestions but still no joy. 

Tried the sim in different phones bit same slow speed. 

Tried a different optus sim in my iphonexs and that plan gets 40mbps and upward speed. 


Any clues 

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Bad 4G speeds lately

Can you tell us, are you Prepaid or Postpaid?

What phone are you using?

What plan are you on?

Are you using the correct access point name in your device? 

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
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New Contributor ceemafour
New Contributor

Re: Bad 4G speeds lately

Sorry I should’ve added those details in my original post. 

I’m on a postpaid 250gig flex plan. 

I’m using an iphone xs. 

All software is up to date. 

I’ve tried the speed test at several locations in and around Sydney. 

Tried rhe usual resetting of network settings, erasing my settings, rebooting the phone things. 

I switched my sim to 2 different iphone 7s - same issue with my sim. 

Different sims in iphonexs work perfect. 

I have another optus plan which works without any issues (~50 Mbps). 

I changed the sim at the optus store but the issue persists. 

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New Contributor jsbyc
New Contributor

Re: Bad 4G speeds lately

Searching for solutions to fix your slow Optus 4G internet? Live chat just don’t provide any helpful assistance but simply handing your reported issue to a different agent over and over again? Are you repeatedly answering the same questions to the tech support but never get anything fixed?Let’s face the true - Optus is not going to take the matter seriously, and changing your provider is probably the best solution you have.


I’ve been with Optus for nearly 5 years and still ongoing. The mobile 4G has never been great, but I had nothing to complain until I moved to 3168 in February 2019. My mobile 4G always struggle to go above 3.0 Mbps and I have contacted via live chat multiple times, but the result is always - as you may know - bouncing to different agent; providing your personal details; trouble shooting your personal devices including turning on/off, reset internet setting; asking if you are referring the issue to that address you have told them yes, ten times.


I’m no IT expert but i’m scientific and not stupid, so let me get down there seriously. When I lived in 3183, my mobile internet has always been slightly above 3.0 Mbps but I could live with that. After several tries with Optus, I thought there was a problem with my one year old iPhone SE. I couldn’t believe it so I collected some data to see if that was true. Here are some of the data I’ve collected:


Home site 3168 scheduled tests

1.2 Mbps to 2.8 Mbps from 5 pm to 11pm. Tested 3 consecutive days every week (August and September)Highest at 3.1 Mbps, lowest at 0.16 Mbps (which pretty much means no internet).

Note: also tested with Kogan, Telstra on same device and a Samsung Galaxy and the result falls in 2.5 times to 5 times faster.


Home site 3168 random tests

7.2 Mbps to 10.6 Mbps around 3 am, 7am

5.5 mbps around 11am

Note: only on my device, iPhone SE


Work site A in 3205 scheduled test (hourly)

3.2 Mbps to 7.8 Mbps from 8am to 3pm, Monday to Wednesday


Worksite B in 3165 Schedeled test (hourly)

21.2 Mbps to 89.5 Mbps from 8am to 3pm, Thursday and Friday

Note: on an iPhone SE and iPhone 6 Plus, two different Optus sim cards 


  • As you can see, my phone can get up to 89.5 Mbps as well as another Optus user on a different device at work, who I work in 3165 and has never had slow internet as she lives in 3165. 
  • My other work site 3205 is pretty fast and consistent and if my device does have it’s internet problems, it always somehow magically fixes itself when it gets to 3205. 
  • If my phone has its own breakdowns/ problems, it always magically happens during 5 pm to 11pm, and if I stick a Kogan or Telstra sim card into my phone, the problem will magically disappear.
  • When I stick my Optus sim card into a Samsung from 3pm to 11pm, the problem will somehow affect the Samsung and make the internet super slow as well.  


Seriously, do I still want to follow the trouble shooting procedure given by Optus? How necessary is  it for the company to keep trouble shooting your phone and when/how should they take action regarding the issue? Actions taken, none. always stuck in the loop of asking you more question and more question that are impractical. 


I will no longer be with Optus as soon as I receive a reply of a complaint I’ve made via the website this morning. Are they going to fix it? I don’t think so. I’m just playfully testing how long it’s going to take for them to reply and how they will respond a extremely unsatisfied customer - more likely asking you again: does this happen in a particular location, or in all areas in general? Duh, I mean, change your name to Sloptus. 

Ps. this will be share on the internet and whoever that tells me their Optus is slow. Having a Sloptus in your area? Get ANY other company you can get!

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