Bad 4G speeds lately


I’ve been getting very very slow speed irrespective of location. 

Changed the sim as per live char suggestions but still no joy. 

Tried the sim in different phones bit same slow speed. 

Tried a different optus sim in my iphonexs and that plan gets 40mbps and upward speed. 


Any clues 

Re: Bad 4G speeds lately


Can you tell us, are you Prepaid or Postpaid?

What phone are you using?

What plan are you on?

Are you using the correct access point name in your device? 

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Re: Bad 4G speeds lately


Sorry I should’ve added those details in my original post. 

I’m on a postpaid 250gig flex plan. 

I’m using an iphone xs. 

All software is up to date. 

I’ve tried the speed test at several locations in and around Sydney. 

Tried rhe usual resetting of network settings, erasing my settings, rebooting the phone things. 

I switched my sim to 2 different iphone 7s - same issue with my sim. 

Different sims in iphonexs work perfect. 

I have another optus plan which works without any issues (~50 Mbps). 

I changed the sim at the optus store but the issue persists. 

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