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I am planning a circumnavigation of Australia by sailing boat. I'm currently with Telstra as there coverage was superior at the time I signed up. What is Optus coverage like today, will there be many dead spots arround the coast. 


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Yes there will be lots of dead spots particularly around the top end of Australia. Telstra will be better than Optus but the only safe option for you is a satellite phone.



Re: Australian coastline


That's a super exciting trip you have planned @Harro56,


I'd definitely take up the advice @Withy has offered up. 


You can purchase a SatSleeve+ through Optus. It's a costly option, but perfect for this sort of thing. 

  • Easily turn your compatible smartphone into a satellite phone
  • Let's you walk and talk, even when you're out of mobile coverage
  • Clips onto your smartphone like a case, with a universal adaptor to fit most Android and non-Android smartphones (excluding Windows)
  • Use the SatSleeve+ and your phone together to make calls and SMS through the SatSleeve app

For more info click here



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