Anyone got asked to switch off 4G network


I done the coverage check on the website, checked my house location has good reception on 4G and 3G. But got asked to switch off the 4G service on my phone in order to make my phone no more drop off and cut out the connection. Have anyone has the tech team offer you to do this action?


So I will think why do I need to pay the service for using a 3G network only? Should i ask for cancel my contract as Optus can't provide a service guarantee?


Need some advise. 

JJ Lee

Re: Anyone got asked to switch off 4G network



The coverage check does not always present an accurate picture of a particular premises. Many factors given signal strength and perhaps both your neighbours have excellent coverage and yours can be poor.

It is common for all service providers to offer the advice to switch to 3g only for you are often having do outs.


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