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Is there any update on Optus supporting android eSim device's? With the recent unpacking of Samsung's new Galaxy Watch, I'm sure there will be a few people out there hoping that this is something soon to be adopted by Optus.


I may have missed it, but have come up short in my Google hunting.



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No AU Carrier has made an announcement on this yet, however, within time I would imagine they would support it, as Optus supports the eSim on the Apple Watch, so it makes sense that it could be adapted hopefully to work with samsungs e-sim.  You may need to give it a few weeks and wait for an annoucement.

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I have been waiting to update my Samsung Gear. It seems that their is a lot of apathy with the Australian telcos in supporting e-sims for some reason. Hopefully they will support the SM-R815 as the battery life in my watch is getting shorter and there is no hope in hell I would get an Apple toy watch. If they dont get their act together, I will just get the battery replaced by Samsung in the Gear I have 


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Appears Telstra address the only telco to have the rights to the new Samsung Watch Cellular. Not sure whether i purchase the watch and when Optus come to party i seitch over. 

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Any update to Optus supporting Samsung Gear watch esim? Thanks

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Their is zero chance of Optus connecting anything other than an apple watch. The parent company signed a corrupt monopoly agreement to only support Apple products. They then stopped support for Samsung watches already connected. 

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