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So I just got a 35gb data plan, everything looks fine on the Optus app, but in my settings it says I only have 2 gb... Is this just a bug?



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Optus is not great in synchronising all its systems. It appear in many cases any bonus data can take up to 2 months to appear across all platforms. I would recommend you contact LIVECHAT and have them confirm you are indeed listed as on a 35Gb plan (since each Gb over 2 potentially costs $10). If they agree you should be good to go.


You should generally be getting SMS warnings when you hit 50% usage, so  if that hppens after 1Gb you'll also know theirs still an issue.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Mobile data


Thanks, but it's all good now. The data shown in the android was a data warning, new phone haha

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