Absolutely terrible mobile data speeds at Carnegie, Victoria.



I got the Optus 80GB per month plan on a contract because of the high speeds. Anywhere in the city or near the train stations I'm hitting 50-60 Mbps speeds, while at home it's barely 1 mbps (if lucky) and  downlomostly thead is 50kbps. 

My area does not have NBN yet, is that the reason for the terrible speeds? Seriously, it takes 2 minutes to load a webpage and often gets disconnected. 

However the speed gets upto 7mbps after midnight, again if lucky. 


Please help ! 

Re: Absolutely terrible mobile data speeds at Carnegie, Victoria.


Hi there Etherlight,

Do you know if a coverage check was performed when you signed up to the plan?

Have you checked out network coverage map? It's currently showing some planned work on a tower and an outage on another in that area so that may very well be the reason why.

Suggestion would be to monitor those and once restored to see if the problem persists.

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