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Hi, I live in one of the areas listed on the optus 5g home broadband rollout (Tregear) and have been waiting patiently for a few months for a reply to my expression of interest only to receive an email stating that 5g is not available at my address, im confused as to why this is being i live pretty close to the current cell towers?

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Numerous reasons such as they already have their required numbers of testers int hat cell towers segment.

They may have had issues with equipment for that tower and its not yet active.

Your address may not have been ideal due to geographical issues.


It was an expression of interest for a trial product, eventually it will be opened up at a retail level for suburbs with coverage.

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Re: 5g Home Braodband


@Paddylee has pretty much covered it. 5G is a pretty delicate signal at the moment (pretty much everything blocks it) Current installs would have very specific areas Optus would deem as covered and possibly your house isn't in one. Alternatively there's no indication if anyone is actually trialling 5G at the moment, if they are Optus probably has enough for theit trial.


I'll start my own rumour here though. Optus will be selling the 5G Samsung from 20 September. They've delayed the launch of the phone by about a month so its possible we will see a big 5G announcement around then by Optus?


Peter Gillespie

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