Must say the new Telstra approach to make its services user friendly (instead of requiring customers to be ever vigilant of costly traps) is coming through with their 5G rollout. Instead of charging select customers to field test an extremely limited rollout Telstra is simply making 5G free for to any who want to try it for the next 12 months. Customers get to play with the new speeds and Telstra don't have to limit expectations to "at least 50Mbps". 


I hope Optus matches the offer soon.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Any news on the 5G Broadband rollout? It's less than a month away supposedly


Would love to get an update in relation to the SA sites - Is the 5g team in a position where they could give any further info about the launch timeframe?

Re: Any news on the 5G Broadband rollout? It's less than a month away supposedly


Keep an eye out on our Media Releases page.

Optus plans to deliver 1,200 5G sites across the ACT, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia by March 2020. 

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Re: Any news on the 5G Broadband rollout? It's less than a month away supposedly

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It will be interesting to see how this emphasis on 1200 sites translates. Divying it up equally thats around 200 sites per city. Its hard to get a handle on how that equates by coverage but it would seem around 30 sites covers the following area in Melbourne (5G in purple). Expanding 5G by a factor of seven (for 210 sites) sees about 15% of that entire area covered. 


Melbourne Now (30 Sites) 



 March 2020 (210 Sites)



So we could possibly expect South Yarra to Brunswick across the CBD to be well covered by Optus. Its definitely going to be a long haul to extend 5G much beyond inner cities.


It occurs to me that we are seeing a repeat of the HFC cable debacle that saw Optus and Telstra both spending billions to run the exact same cables down the exact same streets to the exact same houses. The cost of duplication was emence and there was pretty much zero benefit to the redundancy (as you could never just swap between cables in the event of a failure). 


Is there some rule that says Optus and Telstra (and other RSPs) can't get together and erect a 5G network that rolls out five times as fast and provides a much broader coverage much quicker? I'm sure lots of negotiation would be involved in how to divy up costs and revenue etc. but AFAIK its not even on the table. At least this time with dual SIMs and eSIMs finally being offered in Australia we might get a little redundancy. But I'd much rather a faster (and less wasteful) rollout personally.


Peter Gillespie


I live in one if the SA suburbs and have recently received an email from Optus thanking me for my patience. They are now in the process of checking to see if my physical address is within the 5G area. Hope to hear more soon. 

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