4g disappears when calls made and h+ appears



I bought this s9+ from a friend who got the phone from Vodafone but it was not locked. 

But somehow the call connection goes to h+ when its ringing. 

I asked Optus yo have a look and they told me turn on VoLTE but I checked with Samsung that s9 series doesn't have VoLTE and it is normal to go to h+. So I searched a bit more then some people on YesCrowd had VoLTE on their s9s. 

So I am super confused.. 

Is there anyone having the same issues? 

Is it happening because I got the phone from Vodafone? 

Is there a way to stop the dropping? 

Thanks in advance. 




Re: 4g disappears when calls made and h+ appears


Hey @neverendingsg - I've just responded to your PM with the following steps →


1.From any Home screen, tap Phone.

2.Tap the MORE icon.

3.Tap Settings.

4.Tap Voice over LTE settings.

5.Select one of the following: Turn on: Use VoLTE when available. Turn off: Do not use VoLTE.

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Re: 4g disappears when calls made and h+ appears


If its from Vodafone then it has their firmware - regardless if its locked or not.

You need the Optus firmware on the S9 for VOLTE.

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