4G internet speed and coverage?! What an embarrasment


I've been using optus for 3 months and the internet connection has never been smooth... I recently tested the internet speed, and the readings were shocking...Download speed: 😡4-4.5 mbps for postpaid plan, and 😤0-0.83 mbps for prepaid plan...I'm fed up with optus and I'm 200% sure that I'll switch to Telstra when my current contract ends.


Wow, lost connection in an open area?! Come on. What an embarrasment. 


@Hillsdale, Sydney

Re: 4G internet speed and coverage?! What an embarrasment


Morning Jason111111 - not good to hear. Have you touched base with Tech Support here to see what's affecting your coverage? The types of 4G frequencies will have a direct impact on the speed you can achieve, along with the type of modem you're using and how many devices you have connected. 

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