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New Contributor Jaded5542
New Contributor

4G home broadband

We had ADSL2 (ADSL1 speeds IF that was what we were getting, and it was unstable as anything due to the distance from the exchange)
We were sold the 4G home wireless broadband package, and told that "we can only sell this product to people that have 4G service in the area"
I was a bit suspect as i have an optus mobile (been with optus for 16 years now) and i could NEVER get 4G to work on my mobile, and was told that our house was in a "black spot"
When we first had issue with 4G broadband, someone had informed me that the modem was syncing with a tower a very long way away, and that it shouldnt be doing that, and i know for a fact there are 2 towers closer.

Fast forward to the issue, the service has been HORRIBLE in the last 3 days, just before that network coverage issue started in QLD which apparently didnt happen.
On that day i noticed a cell tower being upgraded or something on the network service page.

Anyway our serive is horrible, and i know for a fact there is a tower that is 4G enabled 1.1km (1 block) away from our home, why is the modem syncing to a tower that over 5km's away? Theres another tower ontop of the shoppiing center 2 blocks away that is 4G enabled.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: 4G home broadband

Hi @Jaded5542, you'll need to contact Tech Support to lodge this case for you on 131344 or via Live Chat →

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