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Cel-Fi Smart Repeater to improve 3G coverage

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Cel-Fi Smart Repeater to improve 3G coverage

What is a Cel-Fi Smart Repeater?

A Cel-Fi repeater is a device used to improve indoor mobile coverage on the 3G network. Cel-Fi obtains a 3G signal from a tower, boosts it and disburses within a building.




It is ideal for homes or offices that have mobile signal at one particular window or outside the building, and want to extend that signal internally.


The reason Cel-Fi is so smart is that it works in harmony with the Optus network ensuring it does not interfere with the normal operations of a base station. Cel-Fi is locked to the Optus network and will only repeat the exact Optus frequencies.



Is the device approved by Optus?

Yes Cel-Fi has been tested and approved by Optus for use on the Optus 3G network. It has also gone through ACMA regulatory approval.



How to setup a Cel-Fi

The beauty of the system is how easy it is to setup. Simply put the network box at a window where you can make a call and the coverage box at the other end of the building where signal is poor.




The boxes are connected by a wireless link and both need to be plugged into power.


Cel-Fi will boost up the signal and provide indoor coverage between the two boxes. Most customers will go from one bar of signal to several bars.



How large will the coverage area be?

Cel-Fi will easily cover an average size house. If the area is open without any walls, such as an open office layout, the area will be larger.





What devices are supported?

Any device that operates on the Optus 3G network will be supported. This includes mobile phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices.


Cel-Fi will boost the signal for all Optus 3G mobile services, including voice, SMS and mobile internet.



Can I expect faster internet speeds?

Data speeds can be affected by several factors. If your slow internet speeds are the result of low signal then in most cases we find a customer’s data speed will also increase.



Where can I find out more information?

The Cel-Fi product is not supplied by Optus and is available from Powertec Telecommunications, who offer this product at


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