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I am eligible to have access to National Geographic. I follow all the steps but it seems I am doing something wrong, because the app still ask me to subscribe (paid service) to watch content. Anyone has experience this problem. How do you solve it? Thanks Nat

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Its not well explained but Optus generally tends to provide automatic rebates for its 'deals'. So when you subscribe you will get a bill that shows the subscription fee but lower down a rebate of the opposite amount so the cost to you is actually $0.


Unless contradicted by someone else here I'd subscribe. If you do get hit with a charge then you might have to contact OPtus to sort it out (Optus won't charge you twice for the same product). Just wait for the next bill.


Peter Gillespie

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This has changed recently, specifically for Nat Geo. 


Head over to this link and input your phone number and then follow the prompts. Let us know if that works because normally with any change, there are questions so will help others Smiley Happy

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