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NatGeo verification email does not arrive


I’m trying to create an account for theNational Geographic app and the last step is to click on a confirmation link in an email that they send.

The email never arrives (yes, I have checked spam), and so the sign-in process is never completed.

so, I have 2 questions:

1. Is there a way to get around this, or is there someone I can contact to get help with it?

2. Does anyone know which email they send the verification link from, so that I can white-list it in my email account? 



Re: NatGeo verification email does not arrive

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Just checking you first entered the verification code into the eligibilty page which then re-directed you to the Nat Geo create account page?

It comes from

If you're still having trouble, whitelist as you suggest then follow the steps again. 

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Re: NatGeo verification email does not arrive


Excellent. Thanks for that answer.  I whitelisted the site with the email address you gave me, and it worked like a charm!

Re: NatGeo verification email does not arrive

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Hi FrScoop,

It seems like you might be the only one who can sort things out in regerds to receiving the verification email. I have whitelisted the email address in my outllook account but still nothing came through. Could ypu tell me step by step how you got it solved?




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