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Re: wifi range extender causes internet dropout when connected

Hi - The RE650 has impressive credentials. I am not familiar with it from an experience point of view. A few suggestions for your consideration. 

The Optus Modem. Latest Firmware SG4Y1T001009

When the F@ST5366TN was released it showed two separate broadcast names (SSID) for the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands and I understand the latest firmware '001009' introduced Band Steering which allows one common SSID for both bands. I  don't have that version, if you have the latest firmware, is it an option that you can toggle it ON/OFF, if so, can you Disable it so that both bands are broadcasting their SSID. The previous model F@ST3864V3HP had configurable Beam Forming settings, but I couldn't see them on my firmware version '000105' - suspect it may ON and hidden as the Optus modem is Wave 2 802.11ac compliant.

Beam Forming - 802.11ac

The RE650 is a modern Wave 2 802.11ac device providing high speed functionality to both bands. In theory, if all devices in the coverage zone of the Range Extender support the same form of Beam Forming method as the RE650 , the RE650 can focus its beams rather than generating a signal in a standard spherical pattern. Within the beam zone only, a maximum of 4 Wi-Fi devices can be served (Standard defined). I would expect it to service multiple beam zones given its other credentials. I don't think that is the issue with your unit as there is no option to put it ON/OFF for the backhaul link to the Optus modem. Up until Wave 2 802.11ac, there was no Standard for Beam Forming - two types exist 'Explicit' - where the Router and the WiFi Adaptor in a wireless device support the same Standard and 'Implicit' where the device Wi-Fi Adapter doesn't support the same version ( has its own proprietary version)  or if an old legacy device have does not have the function - in Implicit arrangement, the former scenario the Router does its best guess to focus on the location of remote devices. 

The TP-Link RE650

The last  entry "Check server connection - not ok" points to the RE650 not seeing the Optus Gateway address. The RE650 defaults to for its own IP address and the same for its Gateway; Page 16 of User Guide.  This needs to show the Optus Gateway address, but first some other changes need to be implemented. The RE650 comes with its DHCP Server ON using its IP address as and range - 192.168.199. The can be left as is if it is not used by another device on the Optus modem - if so, it is good practice to set that address as a Static fixed address within the Optus modem. 

Can you try these settings for both screens shown on Page 16 to see if connection to Internet works.

First Screen

IP Address:

Subnet Mask: 255:255:255:0

Default Gateway: (Optus modem)  and SAVE.


Second Screen

DHCP Server - change to OFF - all devices will be assigned their IP address from the Optus Modem.

Default Gateway : change to (Optus Modem)

Hope this helps. 

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Occasional Contributor

Re: wifi range extender causes internet dropout when connected

Thanks, but we don't want cables running down and up stairs, across the house for many meters. Had purchased what we thought would be a quality range extender to avoid this
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