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wifi dropping

I wanted to add to the following to this discussion

I have a optus supplied sagemcom - F@ST3864AC wifi modem connected to the NBN network, approximately 3 weeks ago the WIFI transmitter broke, Optus advised they would send out a replacemement, between then and the arrival I borrowed another optus F@ST3864AC to tied me over until the replacement arrived.

on receipt of a new Optus F@ST3864V3 AC modem, I plugged this in and almost immediatly started to get drop outs including messages that I was connected but no IP address, this continued through the following week, until Monday of last week when I reconnected the borrowed modem F@ST3864ACthe following week was uneventful in that I had 100% up time without any dropouts. Tuesday 30 October, Once again tried the new modem F@ST3864V3 AC again I was presented with a day of continuing dropouts. going one step further I did a hard reset and then checked the setting one by one with working modem the only difference I could see was that the region on borrowed modem was "0" the new modem was "619" having changed this including a reboot as suspected made no difference.


I should not that with both modems the channel was changed from auto to channel 6 due to overcrowding in my neighbourhood and the SSID and password changed to something else, which I may add is unique to the area.


In conclusion I believe the replacement modem F@ST3864V3 AC is faulty and request that Optus send me a replacement that has been tested.

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Re: wifi dropping

Hey @Rogerdy - not great to hear if you experienced that many drop outs with the replacement modem. I can appreciate that would be frustrating. Just to confirm, was it only dropping connection when you were connecting via WiFi?


We can certainly look into sending out another replacement for you if you still need. We'll need you to send us a private message with the following info for privacy reasons:


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