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New Contributor bp2765
New Contributor

why does it take optus over 3 and a half week to send you a modem ?

I ordered  the new nbn about a month ago and after  a week a tech guy came to check that the nbn speed is connected to my place but, no new modem or top box. after so many more days and lost count on calls to customer care i finally got the top box after 17 days but no modem . Now since the new connection ive lost my home phone line which dont is about 28 days since signing up and still no modem ,no phone line to house or no modem .So this morning ive rang optus again and have cancelled the nbn to my place . then all of a sudden this afternoon a courier arrive with the modem which i have sent back because ive already cancelled my nbn. I dont know how do other people cope with optus but they are so full of excuses and one dept doesnt know what the other dept is doing . Ive been with optus for the last 4 yrs and just had enough of there excuses and never get back to you when they say they will. So if someone is going through what iam going through then just disconnect your connection with optus altogether. 

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