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New Contributor

unplanned outage in Cremorne since Sat 10/03/18 -- don't want to pay

We don't have any NBN service since Sat 10th March 2018. Checked with Optus, they said unplanned outage and logged a call. Checked later on Monday 12/03, optus said unpanned outage, they don't know what the issue is, they don't know whats being done, and they don't know when services will be up, but their field tech has been working on this, and no further update on the case.


Tuesday 13/03 AM, contacted Optus to check status of the case, Optus said there is NO outage and can't find any logged case, and gave me troubleshooting steps to isolate problem. NBN box had all 4 lights green, laptop connected directly to NBN box worked.

Got it touch with Optus in the afternoon to advise them, they said there IS outage and modem may not be the problem, soon as I connect the modem internet drops out, connect laptop directly to NBN box and I get internet, connect laptop directly to modem internet drops out. Optus agent still insists outage issue and modem may not be the issue, agent logged another case, saying someone from back end team will update me.


Long story short, no internet service since Sat 10/03 for the last 4 days. I am paying for service, not for no-service, which is what I am getting along with false information fro optus.


Anyone else had a similar experience? I don't want to pay for no-service, anyone managed to get their charges waived for no-service?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: unplanned outage in Cremorne since Sat 10/03/18 -- don't want to pay

@Rivers, if there's been a fault ticket raised and we can see that there hasn't been any usage on the account throughout the period of the outage, then we will apply a prorated credit adjustment.


The credit is calculated based on the cost of your standard monthly access fee and number of days you were without service.

I'd really suggest jumping onto Live chat Quote them your Fault reference number and they'll calculate the adjustment that's owed.


If you do run into any trouble, you're welcome to send myself or one of our other mods a private message.

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