Re: sagemcom modem admin password 3864V3 AC (Black)

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Hey @Cosmos, I'm sorry for the run-around you've had.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've checked our online device help guides and under:

Establish a connection to the modem settings menu


It does look as though we're asking customers to input their "default WiFi username and password"

Would you be able to check the bottom of the modem? I just want to confirm if there's a admin user name and password there. 

Could also be listed under "default access."


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Re: sagemcom modem admin password 3864V3 AC (Black)


Hi Dan,

yes under the bottom of the modem there is the correct admin Username called 'optus' and the WiFi password is also there.

Just to clarify my problem was with the 'Lets Get You Connected' User Guide that stated the Username is Optus when it should have been optus.

Thanks for getting back to me.


Re: sagemcom modem password


I have just received the Sagemcom F@ST 3864 V3 AC modem for a NBN connection later this week.  Can a moderator or anyone help me with the admin password please? , I'm an advanced user and if I can't set it up for DNS and port routing it will go straight in the cupboard and I won't waste my time with the Optus phone line, and I'll use my other router which is a shame.  I'm happy to give money to Optus for phone calls but I have many other ways to pay other providers to make phone calls if I have to use my own router.LoL    My firmware is 10.54_F@ST3864V3AC_Optus


PS I'm on a month to month plan so I can always cancel my contract and move if its a real hassle. 


thank you !!! 

Re: sagemcom modem password


Hi, didn't actually see the answer anywhere here. We obviously want to configure the modem, SSID, password etc as well as securing the admin access. On the bottom of the modem it says "username: optus" but no password anywhere. I tried the obvious things, but no joy. Is there a default password set by Optus? If so, how do we get it, please? Thanks. 

Re: sagemcom modem password


Haha so the admin password is the same as the WiFi access password, the one option I had not tried!

Re: sagemcom modem admin password 3864V3 AC (Black)


Hi Cosmos,

Very very big thank you for your detailed post on this issue.

You just saved me a lot of trouble.

Kind regards,



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