replacement for Sagemcom Router


I currently have the black Sagemcom router supplied by Optus.
Setup is as follows:

- NBN Connected to Sagemcom

- Sagemcom wireless turned off

- Using wifi hotspot

- Other devices connected to Sagemcom

- We don't use the VOIP service attached to the router.


My question is, what is the best unit to replace the Optus supplied Sagemcom router?

I ask because I have a few networked products that won't work with their apps because of the Sagemcom.  It has been confirmed from the manufacturer that these routers are the problem.  


If you have any solutions that would be great.

Re: replacement for Sagemcom Router


If you don't need an Optus landline then you can use pretty much any other router. 


I like the Asus Rt -86U personally.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: replacement for Sagemcom Router


Its the only one they supply with voip.

so you are locked into it, unless you opt out.

I have been embroiled in the technical blame game since last school holidays and best speed we have seen is 28 mbps down 18 up wifi 48 on ethernet, 28 on 5g except only devices in this house on 5g are ipad minis.

we also got slugged $247 for the priviledge of trying their black modem and on Monday the whole box and dice is going back to optus shop and we are commencing action through VCAT and lodging a complaint with ACMA.

The TIO was a waste of time and spacecas was high end nbn support who just blamed it all on wifi congestion.



Re: replacement for Sagemcom Router


Hi Peter,


Thanks for your response.


I know enough to get myself in and out of trouble but like to know how things go together too.


Does this mean, I come out of the NBN router and into the "insert brand here" router via their LAN port and it should still function exactly the same?

Would it be possible to come into the additional router and then into the optus one if i wanted to keep all the other connections as is? (to save rewiring my network nub)
As i said, the reason for it, is that I have a couple of products that the Sagemcom router won't allow their app to work via secure VPN (I'm guessing thats the reason).  Even with port forwarding their is something blocking their connection to the app.


Any other suggestions on routers as the ASUS seems a bit more then is required.  I already have a Cambium hotspot for wifi, so actually could do with a router that doesn't have wifi inbuilt.



Re: replacement for Sagemcom Router


Hi Zaz,


I think you may have missed my point.
Not actually an issue with anything on speed or VOIP.


It's actually an issue with the Sagemcom router and a couple of third party product's apps.  Known issue and I'm just trying to get around having to use the supplied router or at least be able to bridge the connection so I possibly can use a third party router to run my service without any account problems.


Thank you for your response though.



Re: replacement for Sagemcom Router


I'll have to leave it to others to give a more certain answer. Don't really bridge myself.


I'd recommend the no name have a WAN port to recieve a signal if its the second in line.


If you're not to hung up on wifi then I'd just google recomended cheap router and see where that leads.


Spend the $ and do some experimenting.


Good Luck


Peter Gilllespie

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